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Songleading 101: Resources For Your Tool Kit

Songleading is more than just leading people in song. Songleading is the art of using music as a tool to bring people together. Below you’ll find some of Jacob’s lessons and strategies. Download them to strengthen your skills as a community builder!

Planning a Song Session

How to craft a well-rounded song session using the ‘5 M's method’. Additional topics include: classic song session structures.

Preparation & Relationships

Positive strategies for working with clergy and youth group regional boards. Additional topics include: a preparation checklist to make sure you are truly ready for every songleading moment. 

Intro to T'filah

The difference between Keva and Kavanah, knowing your environment, setting the mood, knowing your co-songleader, reading your group, and choosing your music wisely.

Creating an Engaging Environment

Strategies for successfully songleading in any space. 

Characteristics of a Good Song Leader

What makes a songleader successful?

Basics of Teaching a Song

How to successfully teach a song. Additional topics include: making sure you're ready to teach the song, things to remember when teaching a song, and identifying your personal benchmarks for a successful teach.

Basic Music Theory

Music theory ideas that are important for song leaders in all circumstances. Topics include: rhythms, key signatures, light music reading, circle of fifths, and major/minor scales. All topics are diagramed. 

How to Write an Alma Mater

Advice from Jacob on writing alma maters for camps and other organizations. 

Bringing Songleading to Life

Various activities you can use to illustrate important songleading concepts. Examples include: moving through space with intention, relating music and text, the importance of knowing your Hebrew words, the characteristics of a good song leader, the importance of preparation, and creating an engaging environment.