(Cover Art by   Casey Wright  )

(Cover Art by Casey Wright)

Hi Friends,
I'm really excited to share this new song with you before anyone else gets to hear it! I had a great time working with producer Dylan Emmet to make this track and I'm loving how it turned out. You can help me by sharing the link to the song on your favorite music streaming service and your reactions tomorrow (release day) on all your social media platforms to help spread the word about Mitzvat Haboreh. Included in this email is everything you need to bring Mitzvat Haboreh to your community; I even included a video tutorial for how I teach the song when I’m on the road! You’ll find resources in two keys: I recorded in the key of ‘Em’ because it fits my high tenor voice, but when I’m singing with groups I lower the key to ‘Bm’. Happy Bopping!